Introducing Steve Thompson

Steve Thompson has been around the world of live music for more than 35 years and currently is enjoying life on the road playing lead guitar for Gerry & The Pacemakers.

Steve born in 1964 started learning to play the guitar at the age of 8 years and freely admits…. “We’re not quite there yet. You never really master it, you just move on to other styles. It’s so frustrating, it can make you laugh and cry within 8 bars of music, but I still love it”.

He was first bitten by the music bug after his parents bought him an album by The Beatles for Christmas and later after watching the film “A Hard Days Night”, he decided right there and then this was the life for him. He says… “It was all downhill after that”.

Steve started playing in his own bands at 15 years with the musicians being made up mainly of school mates that fancied the rock & roll lifestyle.
In the eighties, Steve secured a record deal recording his own songs and went on to have minor chart success. He still records his own music now, but mainly for pleasure. (Check out “High On Love” on Youtube)

In 1989, Steve turned professional & secured the position as lead guitarist with 60’s legend Brian Poole formally of The Tremeloe’s where he remained for the next 10 years. (With a few appearances on Top Of The Pops with Brian’s daughters Alicias Attic.)

Many world tours, airports, bars, night clubs and hotels later, Steve is now on the road with Gerry & The Pacemakers and is enjoing it as much as he’s ever done before (now in his 12th year with Gerry) He’s also recently returned back to the pubs and clubs where he’s enjoing playing on the ever popular solo circuit where his songs range from classic 60’s (including Gerry’s of course!) to his love of The Beatles , plus tunes from Gary Moore, The Eagles, Hendrix and many more.